How to groom a 4-tonne bronze horse


Bronze horses may seem like the breed with the lowest maintenance, but as a responsible owner, you must be sure to clean your horse carefully every year.

Step 1: Secure your horse
Although some horses are trained well enough to stand still while grooming, you may wish to secure him to a post or have a friend hold the rope.

Step 2: Steam clean your horse
Using high-temperature steam (up to 150°C) and with very gentle pressure, remove unwanted biological matter including moss, algae, fungi and spores. Start at the neck and work towards the tail, being careful of sensitive bony areas such as the legs, face and spine.

Step 3: Polish your horse
Whether he has tarnished or not, your horse needs his bronze polished each year. Use a soft cloth to clean your horse, beginning with his body and legs, then his face and finish with the mane and tail.

Remember to be safe! Never stand directly behind your horse while grooming and always wear proper footwear.

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