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Funded 29 May 2017

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Can you imagine a great big beautiful bronze sculpture of a colossal horse, gloriously presiding over the Surrey hills? G F Watts could and now we need your help with the final push so it can really happen.

2017 offers an important opportunity to realise the great British artist, G F Watts’s ambition of Art for All. Our vision is to create a new bronze cast of the artist’s colossal sculpture, Physical Energy. A landmark for the South East, it will be a visible testament to Watts’s passionate belief that art is for all, regardless of class, gender, ethnicity and age.

Please help us with the last push of this campaign – to literally push our horse up the hill and to create a lasting and accessible landmark on everyone’s horizon for now and always. A beacon for the South East’s cultural heritage.

We need to raise £25,000 to make this project a reality. Can you help us? If you donate, you will receive a bespoke reward to say thank you.

If you have any questions or need help donating, contact

We've reached 37%!

Thank you to everyone for helping us reach 37%... Read more

Five reason to support our project

Can you imagine a great big beautiful bronze sculpture of a colossal horse, gloriously presiding over the Surrey hills? We can and here are five good reasons why you should support our campaign!... Read more

For funders only

Our horse reaches the halfway point!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us so far, we are now over halfway to reaching our £25,000 target... Read more

How to groom a 4-tonne bronze horse

Bronze horses may seem like the breed with the lowest maintenance, but as a responsible owner, you must be sure to clean your horse carefully every year... Read more

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

We are delighted and very grateful for the overwhelming public support that we have received so far to ensure that Physical Energy can be on display for all those visiting, living in or passing through Surrey... Read more

Anonymous donor challenges Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village to raise a further £12,500

Anonymous donor challenges Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village to raise a further £12,500, which they will match pound for pound... Read more

For funders only

Thank you for helping us to get our horse to the top of the hill

Your support and generosity for our project has been phenomenal and from the bottom of our hearts we sincerely thank you... Read more

A trip to Pangolin Editions

A trip to Pangolin Editions on Saturday 10 June 2017... Read more

Your rewards are on the way

Art Fund will be posting out rewards to everyone who kindly supported our #YayNotNeigh crowdfunding campaign the week beginning of 25 September... Read more

Physical Energy at the Royal Academy

Ahead of its arrival at the Artists' Village in 2018 we're excited to announce that Physical Energy will be on display in the Annenberg Courtyard at the Royal Academy of Arts from 20 November 2017 - 30 March 2018... Read more

Physical Energy at The Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts, in collaboration with Watts Gallery Trust, presents a new bronze cast of Physical Energy... Read more

Planning permission is granted

We are delighted to announce that our campaign to install Physical Energy, G F Watts’s colossal sculpture of a horse and rider at Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village and alongside the A3 has received planning permission from Guildford Borough Council... Read more

Physical Energy: the next stage

After proudly standing in the Annenberg Courtyard at the Royal Academy of Arts for five months, Physical Energy is now with sculpture-moving specialists Mtec in Hertfordshire... Read more

For funders only

Planning and polishing...

We want to apologise for not having updated you since May on the progress of our project, and update you with our latest news... Read more

Preparatory work begins

We are delighted to announce that, following a lot of planning and preparation, work to install the new cast of Physical Energy in the public realm is progressing apace... Read more

We are nearly there

We are close to the final installation... Read more

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Julian Humphrys

Sarah Levy


Andrew Churchill

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John Baylis

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Patrick Dowling

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Marian Shepard

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Rosemary Shetland

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Sue Thomas

John Webber

Joyce Williamson

Greta Willis

Rodney Whittaker

Ian Willcocks

V Williams

Belinda Barratt

Sandra Hawkings

Heather Jones

Mei Leung

Catherine Davey

Alison De Winter

David Lewis

Steven Gaskell

Sheila Kennard

Sarah Kellam

Louise Kenyon

Ben Harrison

Claire Chesneau

Anne Howell

Sarah Nuttall

Hellen Revenko

Frances Ruck Keene

Sarah Woropay

Edward Mitchell

Jane Olds

Mary-Anne Stevens

Jo Turner

Derry Walker

Alyson Warner

Bernard Williams



Ronald Cork

Sylvia Crooks

Lynne Curnow

Rosemary Darley

Peter Bryden

Veronica Gates

Richard Pointer

E Powell

Honey Dearsley

Jillian Denbigh

Paul Dewey

Margaret Dyer

David Faithfull

Leslie Field

Andrew Fletcher

Julienne Fomins

Marilynne Morgan

Sara Arber

Giles Summerhays

Carol Smetham

Vivian Stacey

Annika Steele

Maggie Thomas

Jean Hammonds

Linda Hill

Perdita Hunt

H Bray

Joan Powney

Catherine Roberts

Robert Robertson

Madeline Wilks

Tamsin Williams

Richard Jefferies

Janet Baxter

Douglas Bateman

David Beevers

Mark Howarth

M Hughes

Michael Hartnall

Paul Holden

Diana Mackintosh

Timothy Goad

Diana Leppard

John Bates

Tessa Beach

Paul Dowson

Gordon Harrison

Peter Souster

John Stevenson

Jean Roxburgh

R Rummery

Jane Sheils

M Stuart Bell

Elisabeth Randall

Andrew Shannon

Susanna Plummer

Kelvin Plummer

Felicity Pritchett

Francis Richards

Anna Love

Catherine Clare

John Clarke

Paul Clinch

Sarah Cook

Sue Wareham

Lydia Watts

Geoffrey Watts

John Watts And Carter

Nicola Webber

Helena Whitson

Stephen Waterhouse

Louise Boreham

Tracy Driver

Rosemary Dunn

Lesley Hatton

Rosemary Caie

Richard Bennett

Marilyn Duncan

Catherine Kenny

Barbara Kinnes

Jane Lawrence

Richard Ormond

Antony Mccallum

Alistair Gray

Hazel Putland

Jennifer Powell

Neil Watts

Patricia Tilley

Kate Woodford

Louise Jones

Alison Farara

Sarah James

Simon Hoaran

Mary Hutchings

Charlotte Iggulden

Sue Jenkins

Belinda Singleton

Rosemary Mitchell

Janet Moorhouse

Ronald Musk

Pauline Thomas

June Valerie

Janet Williams

Abigail Smart

Anne Thomas

Linda Tracy



Lesley Duncan

Elizabeth Bridger

Angelina Potier

John Preston

Julie Rahrig

Jo Rew

Jane Bailey

Marybeth Hovenden

Andrew Chester

E Graham

Paul Grob

Alex Dewey

Charlotte Fentem

Frank Finn

Graeme Lockheart

Sally Bashford

Ian Joyce

Alexandra Allsopp

Antony Milford

Nicola Mitchell

Howard Mortimer

Anthea Shankla

Dolores Taylor-Keane

Nigel Smith

Sally Franklin

P Godley

Peter Windett

Eleanor Holloway

Dilys Addison

Cynthia Catchpole

Daphne Burnett

Peter Camburn

Kathy Atkins

Gillian Chichester

Rita Dodwell

Tony Netherton

Nicole Penn-Symons

Mhairi Peck

Jane Pegler

Drina Wright

Catherine Yates

Roger Shrigley

Sheila Snelling

Q Van Koetsveld

Jill Armitage

Anne Jewkes

Derek Hutchins

Annette Blackman

Colin Walkinshaw

Liz Watson

Hilary Wilson

Mary Slater

Sandie Boylan

Jill Kealey

Martin Beisly

Peter Drinkwater

Lill Blades

Susan Brown

Chrysteel Browne

Hilary Calvert

Kenneth MacDonald

Sheila Toop

John Turner

Martyn Wyndham-Read

Simon Leifer

Naomi Hughes

Simon Pearce

Joseph Meaney

Evie Duff Gordon

Desna Greenhow

Stephen Hickford

Roger Harrison

David Coombs

June Jamieson-peskett

James Kindell

Jill O'Regan

Jon Korndorffer

Jim Miles

Neil Bamford

Carol Coleman

Sorelle Levy

Brian Keyte

D Hewitt

Gloria Mullaney

Catherine Pickett

Michelle Mitchell

Christine Smith



Alan Mackintosh

Sarah Mitchell

June Montgomery-tully

Simon Dobson

Jan Gooding

Jenny Hanson

Anne Nixon

Katie Dungate

Frances Appleby

Glynis Paxton

J Wheatley

Catherine Hinton

Martin Kenig

John Carter

Natalie Parke

Sue Short

Sarah Webster

Jill Eyles

Corita Metelerkamp

Trevor Walters

Andrew Calladine

Elizabeth O'Sullivan

Jane Sleight

Theodore Serkovich

Jennifer Nockolds

Lucy Ashley

Nicola Wong

Diana Upcott

Louise O'Connor





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