Meet the artist: Sprankenstein


Margate artist Sprankenstein who has created the exclusive design for the 'Paula the Polar Bear' tote and limited edition prints introduces her work and shares her thoughts on our project:

How did you become an artist?

It was definitely a bit of a fluke, how it all started. I was in secondary school and I was taking purely academic subjects at quite high levels. For some reason I thought a Further Maths A-level was a good idea, even though I wasn't naturally very good at it. I failed spectacularly and had to pick up another subject very quickly, so I picked up A level Art as I was always doodling cartoons and Japanese anime. From then it just tumbled in to my career and I never looked back. I went on to do Art Foundation and a degree and went straight into freelance work.

What have you been working on lately?

Recently I have been working on my solo show 'Emotional Television' which is now up at Hantverk & Found in Margate. It has been a long process of creating and setting up. I created a neon world where the concept is you are trapped in an emotional tv set in your brain

Through animation, composed soundscape and fluorescent paint, the work reflects on a life-defining year of emotional dystopia, medication and self-discovery. This is a world of glitches, acid dreams and science fiction.

What made you want to get involved in the 'Paula the Polar Bear' campaign?

I am always keen to get involved with local projects no matter what they are!

Tell us how you approached the design for 'Paula the Polar Bear'?

My style as Sprankenstein generally steers towards the surreal and playfully sinister vibe if I get the chance! But as a studio, we can range from all kinds of styles depending on the industry. We've done a lot of bold and bright fashion campaigns and collage animations for heritage projects but within all of them, you will see classic Sprankenstein trademark illustrations and patterns.

Aware that the polar bear was a puppet, I wanted to create a less realistic version of the bear that has twangs of robotics and geometric element. You can see within the polar bear illustration I've used shapes and lines rather than a hyper-realistic sketch of a bear. I like to keep things a bit surreal.

How do you think it will feel to see a 'Paula the Polar Bear' roaming across Margate sands?

Pretty surreal, for sure!

We need your help to raise £15,000 to help us bring Paula the Polar Bear to Margate this summer to take our Animals & Us exhibition to the streets and get everybody talking about climate change.

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