Five reasons to donate today!


1. Join us in taking our summer exhibition, Animals & Us beyond the gallery

At a time when scientists are warning of the 6th mass extinction on earth, Animals & Us explores our relationships to other animals, touching on themes around climate change, anthropomorphism, technology and evolution.We need your help to take our summer exhibition to the streets and beach of Margate, connecting thousands of people and encouraging them to come and experience world-class art, including work by Andy Warhol, George Stubbs, Tracey Emin, Paula Rego and more.

2. Gain exclusive behind the scenes experiences

By donating, you can choose from exclusive rewards which includes access to the special opening lunch of Animals & Us, the first curator tour of the exhibition or a one-off out of hours experience for you and a group of friends.

3. Raise awareness and get thousands of people talking about climate change

Because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat resulting from climate change, polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the US under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. Turner Contemporary navigators will accompany Paula, breaking the ice with conversation starters about climate change.

4. Create new opportunities for local people

Help us create new opportunities for local people who will be trained by puppeteers to operate Paula during the summer months. They will learn coordination skills from professionals and get a unique insight into how Paula works.

5. Support Turner Contemporary and get exclusive rewards

When you donate you will enjoy the chance to receive some great rewards, including a tote bag, an exclusive limited edition framed print by Sprankenstein or an exclusive set of postcards.

We need your help to raise £15,000 to help us bring Paula the Polar Bear to Margate this summer to take our Animals & Us exhibition to the streets and get everybody talking about climate change.

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