Deadline extended and donations to be doubled!


Thanks to all 212 donors who have helped us reach 57% of our target.

We have some great news to share. Our campaign has been extended for seven days and thanks to a private donor through Art Fund, all donations will now be matched pound for pound until we reach our £15,000 goal. This means a £50 donation now contributes £100 to the campaign total!

This is a fantastic opportunity to make your donation go further and help us reach our target. Please give generously and share the campaign with your friends, family and colleagues.

Why Paula?

At a time when scientists warn that humans may be causing the sixth mass extinction on earth; how do we see and relate to other animals? If we reach our target, we will take our summer exhibition Animals & Us out of the gallery to reach diverse, new audiences and get thousands of people talking about critical issues around our environment.

Paula is a life-sized, incredibly realistic polar bear puppet. If the campaign succeeds, Paula the Polar Bear will roam through the town and onto the beach on 20 days across the summer season. Paula will surprise visitors to Margate and encourage thought-provoking conversations about how humans can better co-exist with animals. She will help us connect thousands of people with the key themes and messages behind Animals & Us.

Transforming the way that adults, children and young people learn through art is at the heart of everything we do. We are located in an area where poverty of aspiration and lack of ambition blight many lives and we know that taking our work into the community breaks down barriers, enabling us to enrich more lives.

We also have some extremely desirable rewards on offer, including an exclusive limited edition Paula the Polar Bear print and tote bag from local artist Sprankenstein Studio.

Help us bring Paula the Polar Bear to Margate this summer to take our Animals & Us exhibition to the streets and get everybody talking about climate change.

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