New work by Mark Fairnington


Okapi, a new work by Mark Fairnington, is a painting of the eye of a beautiful specimen which is the temporary star of the Natural History Gallery at the Horniman.

As a boy Mark can remember visiting the Natural History Museum and being transfixed by a jungle diorama which included an Okapi specimen. The Okapi is a distant relative of the giraffe despite bearing markings similar to a zebra. Later when this diorama was dismantled and the Okapi put into storage Mark feared he would never see it again.

Fast forward to March 2015 and the very same specimen has been loaned to us as part of the redisplay of the entrance to our much-loved natural history gallery. This new area invites visitors to explore our fascination with nature through star specimens from our Natural History collections. It is also an exciting opportunity for the Horniman to borrow interesting large animal specimens from other institutions, of which the Okapi is the first.

Supporters have the chance to own two of Mark’s beautiful eye prints of their very own, Tyger Tyger and Zebra, as well as a Zebra tote bag, both available only as part of this crowd-funding project.

We are now 40% funded and have only 14 days left to raise the money to fund Mark’s exhibition. Please continue to help by donating and sharing our campaign so that we can show off more of Mark’s fascinating paintings.

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