Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of Mark’s work!


Rewards include limited-edition postcards, scarves and bags; one of our favourites is a beautiful print of Mark’s painting Golden Puku.

This painting is largely influenced by The Wilton Diptych which can be found in the National Gallery, London. On the reverse side of this portable altarpiece is the personal emblem of Richard ll, a White Hart against a gold background. The background of Golden Puku uses gold leaf inspired by the altarpiece. It is also overlaid by the silhouette of leaves, based on an image from one of the botanical ceiling panels in the Natural History Museum.

We are giving supporters of our project a rare opportunity to own a limited-edition print of this work. The print, signed by Mark, will be on Somerset Rag Paper with silkscreened gold, capturing the magic of the original painting.

There are only 12 more days to secure a limited-edition print of your own – once they are gone, they’re gone! Don’t miss out on this chance. Donate today and helping us make Mark’s exhibition a reality.

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