Emily Allchurch's Manchester commission


Emily says: 'I have now finished the commission for Manchester Art Gallery, updating Adolphe Valette's Edwardian painting of Albert Square, Manchester for the 21st century. It was a moving experience to be following in the footsteps of Valette and to document the goings on in the square over a couple of days. I hope my update is a fitting tribute to this bustling, cosmopolitan city. I managed to incorporate the #tellemily suggestions into my composition, especially those relating to Manchester's music scene. You'll have to look carefully at the details to spot them! Now the printing is done, it will be fitted into a bespoke LED lightbox ready for installation at Manchester Art Gallery next month. What an exciting privilege it will be to see it hanging in the atrium, alongside Valette's original painting next month... can't wait! Thanks to you all for making this commission possible through your generous support.'

Take a closer look below, plus details from the work and images from Emily's photolab.

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