Q&A with Leisure Land Golf artist Hetain Patel


1. How would you describe the hole you’ve created for Leisure Land Golf?

It’s a hole that features a larger than life camouflaged squatting man that gives a tongue-in-cheek experience of the global import and export, all via the journey of a golf ball...! Hopefully, it's fun to play and thought-provoking to read about.

2. In what way does your creation show your interests as an artist?

The squatting figure is a recurring motif in my work and symbolises working-classness and manual labour. The Indian squat is something that I’m continually finding ways to disguise or infiltrate art with. It speaks of my family heritage and migration.

3. As an interactive artwork, what do you hope people will think about when playing?

Whether they consciously think about it or not, I like that the turning of the handle taps into other labour already laying dormant in the memories of our bodies. I hope that, despite the strange look of the hole, this interaction also makes it feel familiar.

4. The course appeals to a wide audience, not just art fans – how is this important to engagement?

It will naturally have more engagement if it appeals beyond an art audience, which to me, is a really important aspect to all of my work.

5. You enjoyed crazy golf growing up; what do you think is its appeal as a leisure activity?

As something fun, gently competitive, not requiring trained skill, and something inexpensive, it is something that a lot of people can enjoy, almost regardless of background.

My favourite crazy golf hole was a loop the loop – something none mechanised which took a while to get right but was super satisfying when you get it.

To be able to see and play Hetain Patel's golf hole in York this summer please donate to our Art Happens campaign.

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