We’re in it to win it! Calling all art lovers!

This is your very, very last chance to support our vibrant campaign to commission Lothar Götz to completely transform our grand Victorian stairway ready for our reopening in October!

We have some beautiful rewards on offer; from tote bags, to super special teacup and saucers! Lothar himself has designed these rewards specifically for this project in Leeds and the designs echo his plans for our central stairway.

Lothar's stairway takes pride of place in Leeds Art Gallery's entrance and will be seen and experienced by an audience of 500,000 visitors a year.

It will form part of our reopening programme in October 2017, as we relaunch the gallery after it's been closed for repair and refurbishment over the last 18 months.

Help us come back with a bang and see Leeds Art Gallery in a completely new light.

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