Five great reasons to support the transformation of our Victorian stairway


1. Shine a light on our Victorian building

Leeds Art Gallery was one of the very first purpose-built public galleries in Britain. Since 1888, art-lovers have been inspired by exciting exhibitions and a wealth of innovative works.

Generations of local people and tourists have been struck by our grand central stairway and originally the walls on either side would have been crammed full of paintings and drawings in ornate frames, making it a very busy space. Lothar Götz’s commission will draw the viewer in and shine a light on the original architecture while also contrasting the old with the new.

2. Bring artist Lothar Götz to Leeds

This is the first time that Leeds Art Gallery has commissioned a contemporary artist to create an installation directly onto the Victorian building. The installation will create an entirely new experience for our visitors and bring an exciting contemporary artist to our city.

Götz has always had a fascination with architecture and how we interact with spaces. This passion sparked his interest in stairways, which he believes ‘provide the veins of a building immersing the visitor spatially in a different way to that of the traditional gallery space’.

3. Choose from a beautiful selection of rewards

Donors to the campaign will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of exciting rewards. Working closely with the artist, we have created a unique set of rewards, ranging from limited edition prints to exclusive experiences.

One of the rewards closest to Lothar's heart, is the £60 bespoke cup and saucer designed exclusively for this project. He has a particular passion for china, because of its fragility, and sees the piece as sculpture, which can be functional or enjoyed purely visually.

4. Help celebrate our reopening

Leeds Art Gallery has been closed for over a year to carry out much-needed work to re-glaze the original Victorian roof. In the course of this work, we have revealed the original barrel vaulted ceiling covered over in the 1970s, which hasn’t been seen in over a generation. To celebrate this new influx of light and the discovery of this stunning space, we need your help!

5. Leeds is a creative city

Leeds is an exciting, ever-changing city. Since Leeds Art Gallery opened its doors in 1888, the city has developed from a go-getting industrial powerhouse to a 2023 Capital of Culture hopeful, with a vibrant art scene.

Free to all, Leeds Art Gallery is right at the heart of the city. We hope that this exciting new commission by Lothar Götz, will inspire the next generation of Leeds creatives. During its five-year lifetime, this work will also be enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world. Help us spread creativity from Leeds across the globe!

By donating to this campaign you are directly making the commission happen in time for our reopening. Help see Leeds Art Gallery in a new light!

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