Jeremy Deller on his print inspired by the pangolin


It’s World Pangolin Day on 20 February – so we emailed artist Jeremy Deller to tell us a little more about his print The Golden Pangolin (a post covid sculpture proposal), which he created especially for the #TogetherForMuseums campaign.

The limited-edition print is available exclusively as a reward when donating to the campaign and can be signed personally to the donor (or someone of their choosing) by the artist. There are just a few left, so if you know someone who’d love their own pangolin print, spread the word by sharing with them.

Here’s Jeremy on his love for pangolins and museums.

Art Fund: What motivated you to get behind the campaign – why are you standing #TogetherForMuseums?

Jeremy Deller: I was asked! It’s difficult to say no sometimes

Your print The Golden Pangolin (a post covid sculpture proposal) draws attention to this fascinating endangered animal. Could you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the reward you've created?

The Pangolin is the inspiration, a beautiful harmless (unless you are an insect reading this) creature that is massively persecuted, it may or may not be the source of Covid, (who can blame it if it is?), that’s immaterial, as we should worship these animals not kill them

What do museums mean to you?

a third parent

Thank you for supporting #TogetherForMuseums. If you haven’t already donated, take a look at the rewards on offer and learn more about the campaign.

Your support will help museums respond to the challenges of Covid-19, and reimagine a brighter future.

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