Oneness is one step closer


With new restrictions in place nationwide, we thought you might like to know that work at Leighton House has not stopped - and we have some exclusive images to prove it! Thanks to your enthusiasm and generosity Oneness is one step closer to becoming a reality - the structure of our helical staircase is going up on site, and we cannot wait to see the finished result.

On the left, the cylindrical steel structure where the stair will fit stands tall, next to the Winter Studio. The more rectangular form next to it is the lift shaft. Even if only the bare bones are visible for now, we expect the whole rotunda to be completed, together with its brick exterior, in the beginning of March. At basement level the first 'part' of the helix carcass has been installed - but do not be distracted by its colour, as the steps will be covered in dark oak and the landing walls will be a neutral tone, to let the richness of Oneness be central stage. For the mural to have as much impact as possible, the planned lighting in the space has been adjusted. To achieve an even wash of light on the whole expanse of the artwork with no light drop-off in the middle, vertical luminaries on each side will be installed.

Staircase & lift rotunda under construction & view of the first level of the stair carcass installed 

We also wanted to share the good news that the Oneness project has recently been featured in The Art Newspaper! You can read the article here.

And do not worry - we have not forgotten about your rewards - we are working with Art Fund, the artist and supplier to create your unique rewards and are still aiming to have them ready for you by summer when the project will be happening.

View of the Winter Studio and rotunda under construction and lighting design concept for the rotunda with Oneness (© BDP architects)
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