5 Great Reasons to Create Oneness


We are so grateful for the amazing support received so far - thank you! You can continue helping us by spreading the word and sharing these great reasons to become a part of the campaign.


Bring a new voice to Leighton House

By donating, you will be giving voice to a contemporary woman artist, Shahrzad Ghaffari, whose artwork, Oneness, offers a renewed perspective of the blend of East and West that is so characteristic of the Victorian spaces Leighton created.

It is the first time Leighton House commissions a permanent contemporary piece and we want it to be full of meaning!


Celebrate the transformation of the museum

Oneness is the final piece of an ambitious endeavour years in the making. The spectacular mural will put the focus on one of the most important parts of our ongoing redevelopment, the new staircase and lift rotunda, located in the renovated Perring wing, an un-sympathetic 20th-century addition to the House. This rotunda will, for the first time, provide disabled access to all parts of the building. Ghaffari’s artwork will create a connection between the historic interiors and the new, redeveloped spaces that will deliver great public benefit, highlighting a positive message of inclusiveness and openness.


Receive beautiful rewards

As a thank you for your donation, you will be able to choose from a range of completely exclusive rewards. Get your hands on a sleek limited-edition plate with floral motifs from the tiles at Leighton House, a unique print of its architectural outline that highlights the extraordinary Arab Hall, or even an original artwork by Ghaffari herself, a piece of Oneness that you can display in your own home.


Support creativity and inspire others

The commission of Oneness will follow on the long history or artists’ collaborations that have made the House's interiors unique environments, exploding with creativity.

Oneness may seem like an abstract work at first sight – but, much like Leighton House, it hides an array of wonderful surprises under the surface. It is a complex art piece, in which the central helical motif -reminiscent of DNA- and the palette, growing from earthy tones into silver ones, reference concepts of renewal and union – between art forms, but also between different cultures.

We want Oneness to forever inspire current and future generations to reflect on this union of cultures, part of Leighton’s rich artistic legacy, in a different way.


Revive the love for Leighton's home

Did you know that Leighton House and its contents were preserved as a museum thanks to a public appeal back in the 19th century?

The first Leighton House admirers worked on their own ‘crowdfunding’ - Mrs. Barrington, leading the first group of ‘Friends’, started raising funds after Leighton’s death to buy his collection back and bring it to his home, for the enjoyment of the public. In the same way, you now have the power to make change happen and secure this key artwork that will kickstart a new period for the House, in which we become a modern, open facility that pays homage to its past.

Any donation, no matter how small, will help make Oneness a reality. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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