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Thanks to all of you who have shared our campaign and continue giving towards Oneness, we are delighted to say we have reached 113%! We couldn't be more grateful - every pound raised until the end of the campaign will help us cover additional costs linked to the bespoke scaffolding needed to paint the 11-metre wall of the helical staircase, so please do continue supporting in any way you can!

Today we would like to shine a light on some of our rewards and the stories behind our choices - they are unique gifts for lovers of Leighton House and perfect mementos of the Oneness project.

Daniel Robbins, our senior curator, talks about the fabulous set of postcards (£15 reward):

"Combining images taken from the interiors of the house and examples of Shahrzad’s work, the set of cards perfectly express the visual connections we were always hoping to find as we looked to commission the artwork for the new staircase. I find that the shimmering surface of Shahrzad’s paintings echoes the materiality and atmosphere of the interiors Leighton so carefully crafted. We paired images we believed had a natural link, like the ones you see below, featuring the golden dome of the Arab Hall, and Ghaffari's painting Raindrops, in which the golden background evokes desert sands."

Raindrops, ©Shahrzad Ghaffari, Acrylic on canvas, 91x91 cm, 2013 and Dome at Leighton's Arab Hall ©RBKC Leighton House Museum. Image by Kevin Moran

For those missing the wonderful colours from the Islamic tiles covering Leighton's Arab Hall, we had to have our own ceramics. Using some of the motifs from the Damascene tiles, our tile and plate rewards, while preserving the elegance of the originals, have a modern feel to them and are perfect to up your home-décor game. If instead you are looking for something more 'practical' that still reminds you of the house, check out the beautiful tote bag for the campaign, featuring the iconic hexagonal tile in the Narcissus Hall.

Tote bag with hexagonal tile design - £25 reward & scheme featuring the birds tile - £45 reward

Another very special reward, which perfectly captures the vision we have of the future of the Museum, is the print of the intricate drawing of Leighton House by architect Dante Vanoli. Vanoli, who was the lead architect of the first restoration of the house more than 10 years ago, has continued to be an admirer and great supporter of the museum ever since. He has produced a marvellous sketch of the house outline, opening up both the Arab Hall and what is to be the staircase rotunda where Oneness will be painted. These openings let us see the jewel colours of the 'hidden gem' that is the hall on the one side, but also the life that will bring the completion of the redevelopment, with the new staircase on the other side. They also show the link that exists between the two spaces, which frame the building, adding to the significance of having a new artwork to enrich the modern interior of the rotunda.

Remember - you have less than two weeks to get your hands on these unique items, so why not treat yourself or a loved one to something special while helping #CreateOneness at Leighton House?

Details of the two spaces to each side of the house, the helical staircase & Arab Hall ©Dante Vanoli for Leighton House Museum - £60 reward (complete print)
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