Rewards Update: Spinning a Yarn


Rewards are being made

We are still overwhelmed by the support we received through our Art Happens campaign to stage the first major exhibition of weaver and pop artist Archie Brennan. As a thank you to our donors we have fantastic rewards that we are busy bringing together, including a tapestry weaving kit with wool selection by artist Victoria Crowe.

Dovecot have worked with Crowe to create amazing tapestries over the years, including Richer Twilight Venice woven last year to celebrate the artist’s 50-year career. The largest tapestry that our weavers have created in collaboration with Crowe is The Leathersellers’ Tapestry, a 52 m² frieze tapestry woven in nine sections.

Detail of The Leathersellers' Tapestry by Victoria Crowe and Dovecot Studios. Image, Kenneth Gray. 

Housed at The Leathersellers’ Company in London, the tapestry tells the story of leather production and celebrates the traditional skills and craftsmanship of textile makers. Crowe chose two particular sections from this tapestry to inspire the selection of three colours of wool for the weaving kit reward.

Wool winding at Dovecot Studios

The team at Dovecot are busy winding the yarn for the kits, and alongside the loom, bobbin, weaving guide, and tote bag, this kit has everything you need to try your hand at weaving and create your own tapestry.

Work is underway on all of the rewards for our generous supporters, as is work on the exhibition Archie Brennan: Tapestry Goes Pop! which will open on 26 March at Dovecot Studios. We will continue to share updates about the show and rewards, so stay tuned!

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