Reward spotlight: I Am Acrylic's Bauhaus brooch


Brendan and Ruth from I Am Acrylic have been making quirky handmade necklaces and brooches for 15 years. The have their own shop in Bristol and their work is stocked in boutiques and museums across the country, including here at the William Morris Gallery. We knew they’d come up with something exciting for the #MorrisBauhaus campaign.

We approached them with a simple brief: design a brooch inspired by the work of the Bauhauslers that will feature in the exhibition. Taking this design by Gunta Stölzl as their primary inspiration, they got to work creating sketches and playing around with designs.

The final piece features two pieces of acrylic, one looped through the other – a reference to the woven fabrics for which Stölzl was famous. The engravings are inspired both by the graph paper and Stölzl’s distinctive wavy lines.

This stunning handmade brooch is exclusive to our Art Happens crowdfunding campaign and is not available anywhere else. To get yours just choose the brooch reward when you donate £60 at And remember, by donating to the campaign you'll not only get a great reward - but also be part of bringing a historic exhibition to life.

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