Help us say 'thank you' to Florence Nightingale and nurses everywhere!

Thank you so much to all our generous donors so far and with more help we can help to raise the profile of the founder of modern nursing.

Florence opened the first professional, secular nursing school in the UK, becoming in the process one of our greatest Victorians and an inspiration to women all over the globe. Though she was disabled herself after the Crimean War, in the face of stiff resistance she enhanced healthcare for soldiers and ordinary people in their own homes, improved conditions in workhouses, started a professional nurses’ training school and believed everyone should have access to the help of healthcare professionals. When Florence was young becoming a nurse was an extremely lowly ‘occupation’ but by the time she died in 1910 she had made it acceptable for thousands of women from all walks of life to answer the call to help their country when WW1 started… And the nurses from her training school spread her ideas not only throughout the UK but also took up positions around the world to improve healthcare for all.

Florence’s ideas on cleanliness, sanitation, diet and fresh air are as relevant today as they were revolutionary then.

Helping us create this exhibition is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to any nurses who have ever cared for you, or to celebrate the career of your friends or family who work as a healthcare professional. Donate now to say 'thank you' and help raise the profile of the founder of modern nursing. Or share this with friends and family members!

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