Five reasons to help #ConserveCanaletto


Here are five great reasons to help us conserve Canaletto’s paintings: Venice: the Molo with Santa Maria della Salute and Venice: the Riva Degli Schiavoni.

1. Conserve a piece of (art)history

Canaletto’s paintings are not only incredibly skilful paintings; they are also a window into 18th-century Venice. By donating you can directly fund the conservation of an 18th-century masterpiece and help preserve our national heritage.

Your donation will fund the expert conservation treatment and research of these two paintings, carried out at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, as well as the in-house conservation of the frames.

2. Follow in the footsteps of the museum’s founders, whose generous donation to the nation allows this outstanding collection to be freely appreciated by all

By supporting our project you are a step closer to the history of the Wallace Collection and its founders whose generosity led them to give the collection to the nation. Your philanthropy can make a real difference to everyone’s experience of Canaletto at the Wallace Collection.

The room where these paintings will be rehung after their conservation is known as the ‘Vedute Room’ and is one of the most popular amongst our 400,000 visitors – including school children and community groups. Your donation will help us better our visitors’ experience, and widen the appreciation of Canaletto’s skill, revealed through the conservation process.

3. Help us unveil the Old Master’s techniques and disseminate the findings for future researchers and academics

Alongside the much needed conservation, an important part of the project will be to research and analyse the paintings in Cambridge thanks to pigment samples, x-rays and infrared reflectography. These analyses will allow us to discover more about the layers hidden underneath the surface on the paintings and reveal Canaletto’s techniques, such as incisions in the canvas.

The results of the research will be included in a publication on the conservation of all vedute (topographical view paintings) at the Wallace Collection in 2020.

4. Gain insight into a conservation journey

As well as directly contributing to the conservation of the project, and the great rewards on offer, you’ll receive access to updates on the progress of the project after our crowdfunding campaign ends, and conservation work begins.

We’ll share updates on the project from when the paintings leave the Wallace Collection, throughout their conservation, and right up until their final return to the museum next spring. Funding the project is only the first step of the conservation journey we want to share with our donors.

5. Play an active role in the Wallace Collection and get exclusive rewards, whatever you can give

As a non-profit charity, the Wallace Collection needs your help to bring this beautiful pair of paintings back to life and give everyone the opportunity to see them. By donating to our campaign you will be a part of making this happen, and will also be able to enjoy some great exclusive rewards. This includes specially designed tote bags, prints and silk scarves by Rory Hutton inspired by our two Canaletto paintings, as well as unique access to the museum with behind-the-scenes experiences.

And just in case you are still not convinced – make double the difference with your donation!

A private donor has pledged through Art Fund to match donations pound for pound up to a total of £5,000. That means a £50 donation now contributes £100 to the campaign total. Help us today by donating and make double the impact to our campaign to help us reach £17,500 to conserve Canaletto.

Please donate to our campaign, and support us even more by spreading the word.

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