Introducing... Rory Hutton!


Canaletto’s legacy continues to capture the imagination of artists and designers today, just as the Master inspired his contemporaries and followers in the 18th century.

Rory Hutton is the most recent designer to follow in this tradition. A textile designer and illustrator with a passion for history, Rory has collaborated with numerous heritage institutions including the British Museum, Royal Opera House and The Wallace Collection to design exclusive prints and accessories based on their collections, exhibitions and performances.

Exclusively for the Conserve Canaletto campaign, Rory has reinterpreted the great artist’s 18th-century world for a contemporary audience through a series of lino cuts. Lino cutting is a traditional craft printing technique closely related to woodblock printing and lends the designs a charmingly naïve quality. The prints depict wonderfully dressed characters, architectural elements and gondolas against a background of choppy waves.

Rory tells us: ‘I love the 18th century – the world of the grand tourist is full of romance and adventure. It was a great pleasure to be involved in this wonderful project and a tremendous lot of fun!’

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