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We need your help to clean and restore two iconic views of Venice – the Molo with Santa Maria della Salute and the Riva degli Schiavoni – by Canaletto, the great 18th-century Venetian painter. This pendant pair shows the iconic view of the Doge’s Palace in Venice from opposing sides and stunningly illustrates the master’s unrivalled ability to depict Venice’s magnificent glory.

Acquired by the 4th Marquess of Hertford, one of the great founders of the Wallace Collection, the two paintings are in desperate need of conservation. It is time we revealed their original beauty by removing the dirty yellow varnish that currently obscures so many of the master’s wonderful details. This cleaning is essential to reveal the impression of depth, the lively colours, and the finer details originally intended by the artist. These two particular views along the waterfront were especially popular with Grand Tourists in the 18th century, who loved to take them back home as souvenirs.

These two paintings have been hand-picked for this campaign as part of a multi-year research and conservation project aimed to clean, restore and research all of our Venetian view paintings along with their frames, by Canaletto and his followers. Crowdfunding through Art Happens means that every member of the public has the opportunity to preserve a piece of history.

The £17,500 raised will cover the conservation work for the two paintings and their frames, as well as enabling the paintings’ secured transportation to the Hamilton Kerr Institute in Cambridge, where we anticipate they will stay until spring 2019. Your donation will also allow for the photography, pigment analysis, and x-raying of both canvases, essential to examining the condition of the paintings and canvas linings.

Thanks to an anonymous donor to Art Fund, the first £5,000 will be matched. This means that your donation can have double the impact if you donate today.

To thank you for your support, you can choose from a range of exclusive rewards, inspired by this pair of paintings.

Please donate today to help us conserve Canaletto.

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The Grand Tour

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Thank you for getting us to 112%

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Our beloved Canaletto views have left the Wallace!

Thanks to your support we have sent the two precious canvases to be conserved in Cambridge, while their frames will be restored here…... Read more

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Your rewards will soon be in production!

Paintings off to conservation, rewards in production... Read more

For funders only

An update on your reward fulfilment...

Final designs and mock-ups are being approved, and we will soon be sending you your reward!... Read more

Canaletto’s original colours are slowly being revealed…

After successful initial cleaning tests, the team of conservators at the HKI have begun the removal of the dirty varnish from the two Canaletto paintings your generosity has enabled us to conserve... Read more

Canaletto's vibrant colours have been revealed once more!

The varnish has now been fully removed. The paintings have been analysed and are just awaiting the final treatments... Read more

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