Samson's new home


In our last update we shared with you the conservation work to date on Samson, now we want to explain why this special statue needs a state of the art display case.

For over three centuries, our Samson statue stood outside the magnificent building in Tombland, Norwich, open to the elements. After three years of painstaking conservation work by Plowden & Smith, London, the beautiful oak carving has been revealed. The years really took their toll on our Biblical giant, and despite still having the long flowing locks which according to legend gave him his power, Samson is still in a fragile state.

We want our visitors to see him as he would have been seen in the 17th century so we need to raise £15,000 to commission a bespoke glass display case which will enable us to place him at the heart of the museum. The case will be humidity controlled, to preserve the fragile wood so it does not expand or contract and dimmable lighting will allow us to highlight the wonderful carved details which have been revealed; the strange gargoyle like head which served as a clasp on his cloak, the bulging muscles and veins, and of course traces of gilding and paint. Over the years, Samson's feet have sadly rotted away so a metal rod carefully inserted through the centre of his body will allow him to stand proud once again.

The success of this campaign will mean we can show Samson in the very first gallery our visitors come to, meaning he is restored to his role as doorman once again.

Thank you to everyone who has given so far. With only 23 days to go, please help us reach our target by spreading the word!

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