Final week!


We’re in our final week of crowdfunding, and have just under 20% to raise. As we’ve shown in previous updates, the proscenium arch is an arch with history. Sir James Thornhill, Sir Nicholas Hawksmoor, Queen Elizabeth I, and Admiral Lord Nelson are just a few of the great figures who have passed beneath this arch.

The conservation of this arch will also be historic, a key stage within the larger Painted Hall conservation project that begins on 26 September 2016. The cleaning and re-gilding of 50 years of dirt and grime from the moulded sculptures around and on the arch will bring back its shine and protect it for the next half-century. The final effect will be stunning: newly cleaned gold leaf glimmering across the arch, the culmination of the majestic paintings and gilded pilasters of the lower Hall.

There is just a week left to make this magnificent Baroque feature shine once again – and to pick up a great reward. From personalised gifts such as postcards and tote bags, to sipping champagne beneath the arch, gilding workshops and scaffolding tours, there are plenty of great rewards for our donors.

To everyone who has supported us so far, thank you so much and please, help us spread the word! If you haven’t donated yet, this is a great time to get your hands on an amazing reward and to contribute to a great cause.

Support us, and help make art happen.

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