Your chance to own limited-edition Bob and Roberta Smith prints!


Created as part of Bob’s FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL educational video series, both prints are the result of Bob sharing his experimental practice and approach. The prints summarise the essence of the FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL campaign; that art is an integral part of life, which should be celebrated, encouraged and explored.

‘Brain Drawing’ was created to explore sleep stimulation. Based on a Tunnocks tea cake, the drawing describes the way in which the brain recovers and creates solutions through sleep, processing the questions of the previous day and creating answers. These answers can come in the form of abstract language, colours (including brown), smells, images and of course a Tunnock’s Tea Cake. Watch Bob creating the artwork here

In 'Who Am I', episode 7 of the educational video series, Bob reflects on art and identity. He explores a faithful student practice - painting over a painting. ‘Collaborating with my Dead Dad’ combines Bob's father's (artist Fredrick Brill) painting of West Burton Falls with his own bright abstract work inspired by Benny Goodman’s Clarinet.

By updating his father’s work he brings it back to the forefront, giving it new life and creating a collaboration that is separated by decades. The print perfectly demonstrates the influence that a parent can have on our lives, inspiring us to create and developing our identity. You can get your hands on one if you donate £995. The print is in an edition of 8 so snap one up before they go! Watch Bob creating the artwork here

Spread the word and help us celebrate that FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL, plus get some fantastic exclusive rewards in the process!

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