Watch episode 2 of Bob and Roberta Smith's FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL!


We only have 15 days to go in our Art Happens campaign and we need your support to make a bold and colourful statement, celebrating that FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL and other towns can be too!

As a special halfway treat, we are delighted to share the second in a series of exclusive educational films by Bob and Roberta Smith specially made for FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL. In ‘Looking’ Bob explores art as a way of documenting both our lives and the world around us, allowing us to give evidence and communicate creatively.

Learn about the plastic process, deep looking and why absent minded doodling is important for both art and the artist. Take a look through Bob’s student sketchbooks, as well as those of his father and join him on a beauty hunt in Folkestone. And don’t forget to do your homework!

By donating to FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL you will be supporting a campaign which promotes arts education for everybody.

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