FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL is picking up speed! We are delighted to share that we are working with Folkestone based artists and creative businesses to create the FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL directory. The directory will be a comprehensive index, a celebration and a marketing platform for Folkestone creatives. The directory will act as Bob and Roberta Smith’s audit of Folkestone’s creative community and will provide info on the plethora of creative opportunities that are available in Folkestone, for anyone at any level.

The directory will cover formal and informal learning opportunities provided by organisations, as well as individual practitioners. It will cover a wide range of creative queries including where to study, who to talk to about printing, making and exhibiting and where you can learn new skills in artist led workshops. There will also be a fun section where artists can share their ideas and what inspires them! We’ll also have a page for FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL’s very own pop-up art materials shop! The shop is a collaboration with Cowling and Wilcox, who we are delighted to announce have agreed to be our sponsor, providing many of the materials we will need.

The FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL Directory will be released in an A5 format to coincide with the launch of Folkestone Triennial 2017 double edge. Be sure to pick one up when visiting this summer between 2 September - 5 November.

Thanks to your support, everyone will be able to clearly see Bob’s message in the streets of Folkestone, and with the directory, they will also be able to find out all about the range of creative opportunities on offer!

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