Progress and Rewards!


We hope you’re having a glorious summer!

We just wanted to let you know that we are beavering away preparing your fabulous rewards which will arrive in early September to coincide with the launch of this year’s Folkestone Triennial and the installation of Bob and Roberta Smith’s FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL.

We can’t wait to hoist Bob’s colourful proclamation high above the town and send out the message that arts education is for everybody! Until then, the team will be hard at work gaining permissions, sizing up sites, climbing ladders and working with schools. We look forward to sharing this process with you so keep your eyes peeled for updates and thank you so much for making this possible!

Get creative and learn more about Bob and Roberta Smith’s practice by watching the first five episodes of Bob’s FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL film series. Just don't forget to do your homework!

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