One more day to go! Stand with us and declare FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL!


It’s the final day of the FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL campaign! With your help we’ve already raised over 60% of our target and with every donation being matched by a private donor through Art Fund, we know we can do it!

We believe that arts education should be open to all, celebrated and when necessary defended. Bob and Roberta Smith’s rallying message encapsulates this, declaring that with its vibrant community, facilities and creative energy, Folkestone doesn’t need an art school, FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL!

Your donations will bring to life some of the town’s most iconic locations and act as a catalyst, inspiring people to get involved and get creative. We want the message to go as far and wide as possible and with over 100,000 people set to visit Folkestone Triennial, your donations will guarantee that this happens.

Your donations will support workshops with Folkestone teachers who will take FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL back to the classroom, inspiring children to celebrate art and create their own declarations. Not only that, your support will enable us to organise the largest visual shout possible, created by the people of Folkestone and their bodies on Sunny Sands beach!

We’re very close but we can only make this happen with your support. Donate, share and stand with us, FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL!

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