5 Great Reasons to Donate!


1. Help Bob and Roberta Smith declare that Folkestone is an Art School

You don’t need a degree in Fine Art to be involved in creative activity! Education is about harbouring a passion for learning, and you can help make art accessible for everyone by getting people involved in what’s going on right on your doorstep!

2. Help us show that anywhere can be an art school by showcasing Folkestone’s creative energy

You can help create new opportunities to learn and to teach by getting involved in the variety of exciting events and activities that will be going on in Folkestone over the next few months!

3. Be part of transforming Folkestone through creativity

What is art if it doesn’t make us question, explore and challenge ourselves and our surroundings? Using this power, we can help transform Folkestone through creativity, to extend what we (and others!) think is possible for our community.

4. Donate and get some brilliant exclusive rewards in return

We’ve worked hard in creating some fantastic rewards, including signed artwork and limited edition printed tote bags. All donations, big or small, will be rewarded with a unique gift that we know you’ll be proud to show off!

5. Help nurture the next generation of artists and makers

FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL is about connecting young people with the creative community to share and develop new skills. A new generation of learners will be making and exhibiting work for Folkestone Triennial.

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