Why we love fig-2


Candida Gertler, co-founder of Outset

The genius behind the fig idea invented by Mark Francis epitomises the philosophy that has guided Outset [a philanthropic body that supports new art] since its inception. Therefore, its reincarnation as fig-2 in 2015 represents a highlight in our résumé. Under Fatos Üstek’s curatorial guidance, fig-2 has been ambitious, dynamic, exciting, up to date, challenging, immediate – all the characteristics Outset seeks to nurture in our endeavour of supporting new art.

fig-2 has been realised in association with Outset.

Mary Vilardo, blogger

When I first heard about fig-2, I waited for its first weekly exhibition with feelings of anticipation and loss; captivated by the audacious yet undetermined programme while regretting not having had a chance to experience the original fig-1 exhibition back in 2000. A few weeks into fig-2, I came across and instinctively purchased the fig-1 publication. Finally, no more online information hunting: I could read it, see it, touch it, experience it. I imagine future generations will treasure the fig-2 publication for years to come in a similar way. I kept going back to fig-2 every week for the live action and the stories, and I will get to keep a piece of art history.

Francesca Cavallo, blogger

For one year, fig-2 has been an efficient machinery of knowledge production, dissemination and critique in London: both propelling and absorbing the London art scene with unprecedented openness. As its ends approaches, the project has become a shared ownership affair that deserves to be read and reflected upon with the distance and unity that only a publication can guarantee. Please support the legacy of an extraordinary year.

With only a few days to go, please help document fig-2 and all of their 50 shows by supporting the fig-2 publication on Art Happens.

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