Own a limited edition by Bruce McLean


We're delighted to announce the release of a specially commissioned print by fig-2 artist Bruce McLean, for our Art Happens crowdfunding campaign,

Bruce McLean (sculptor, b.1944 in Glasgow) has worked prolifically across various mediums, from film and photography to painting, performance and live action, and looks to question the very nature of sculpture. As an art student he went against the establishment, abandoning conventional studio production in favour of impermanent sculptures, impersonations and dance. When in 1972 he was offered an exhibition at the Tate Gallery, he opted for a retrospective lasting one day, entitled King for a Day. McLean introduced the concept of ‘Pose’, the body as sculpture, which describes the exploration of the possibilities of sculpture by means of performance.

Bruce McLean spent his week at fig-2 (week 42) engaging in a continuous interview with himself. He produced a film to document the dialogue, shot throughout the week over numerous takes. Charged with humour and wit, the interview was formed of questions that sought to unlock his position as an artist and his approach to modes of production. During this process, McLean paid tribute to the great Welsh sculptor Barry Flanagan by impersonating his stone carving Nose in Repose (1977-9).

The signed limited-edition print Nose in Repose (Homage to Barry Flanagan) is a photographic still from one such performance. By acquiring this work, you and a friend will also have the opportunity to meet the artist at his studio in London and share a cup of tea or two.

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