We're halfway there!


Thank you so much to all our generous donors so far. With your help, we’ve reached a fantastic 45% of our goal towards building The Colour Palace!

We have just 2 weeks left to raise the final £11,000 needed, which will give thousands of people free access to this inspiring piece of architecture and design this summer. If we don’t reach our target, we won’t receive any of the funds, so the race is on! Can you help by donating, or spreading the word?

This palace is for the people, but we can’t do it without your help!

You can choose from a variety of unique rewards, all created especially for this project. And you’ll be a part of The Colour Palace journey, with regular updates on our progress, from beginning the build to opening to the public!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far! Please help spread the word and use #ColourPalace on social media!

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