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We have a series of brilliant awards to thank you for your donation. See the vibrant patterns and concepts behind The Colour Palace on sketchbooks, tote bags, prints, among other limited addition items:

Exclusive Colour Palace Inspired Tote bag: £25

Made exclusively for this project, receive a colourful piece inspired by the bold geometric patterns as seen in The Colour Palace. The 100% cotton 5oz. canvas tote bag screen-printed with the iconic circle design provides a glimpse into the attentiveness to form and colour theory by architects Pricegore and designer Yinka Ilori.

Framed Limited-Edition ‘Key Design’ Sketch: £100

Feel like a part of the creative process by owning a piece of the key The Colour Palace structural realisation. The framed limited-edition sketch of The Colour Palace shows the original concepts developed by Pricegore architects as they collaborated with designer Yinka Ilori. As seen in the iconic patterns and colours seen in the final design, this sketch drew upon the parallels of architecture in both Europe and West Africa.

Through its moving lines and transparent details revealing other ideas in the making, you can get a real feel for this piece being taken straight from the architects’ sketchbook.

Limited Edition Yinka Ilori Print: £200

Breakthrough designer Yinka Ilori created a limited-addition glycee print detailing his iconic designs that can be seen in The Colour Palace. Originally inspired by his photographs of fabric markets in Lagos, the geometric shapes and bright colour scheme reflects Yinka’s Nigerian heritage and celebrates the multicultural community of Southeast London.

Signed by the artist himself, reflect on the bustling and vibrant nature of the high street through this celebratory and exclusive piece of The Colour Palace design.

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