Kitchen – hand painted cupboard doors


‘After World War Two... Vanessa brightened up the kitchen cupboard with paintings of flowers and fruit and Quentin’s pottery hung from the cup hooks. Then the kitchen became the most welcoming place to spend time. The postman, who ended his round at Charleston, certainly found it so, and would convey local gossip to [Grace the housekeeper] while seated on a chair by the door with a cup of tea.’ (Extract from Charleston, a Bloomsbury House & Garden by Quentin Bell & Virginia Nicholson.)

These wonderful cupboard doors have played their part in brightening up the kitchen ever since. Unfortunately the Perspex that is used to protect the doors was added in the 1980s and is in urgent need of repair. As well as replacing the Perspex, we would like to be able to gain access to the works through the back of the cupboard for conservational purposes.

With your support, we will be able to preserve these gorgeous examples for future Bloomsbury enthusiasts.

Thank you to everybody that has supported us – we are closing in on our target. Help us get there by spreading the word about the project. Together we can protect history.

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