Have lunch with a true child of Charleston


Her grandparents were Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, her parents Angelica and David 'Bunny' Garnett. Charleston is in her genes. An acclaimed writer and biographer in her own right, Henrietta Garnett's memories of visiting her grandparents' house are magical and enchanting.

In a 1987 essay Henrietta recalled: 'During the fifties, I frequently spent the summer holidays at Charleston with my sister, Amaryllis. Those visits were a treat. For a child it was an extraordinary treasure chest overflowing with familiar curiosities, beauty, ideas, people and jokes...

'Charleston had the most powerful identity of any place that I had known. It reeked of itself: of turpentine and toast, of apples, damp walls and garden flowers. The atmosphere was one of liberty and order, and of a strength which came from its being a house in which the inhabitants were happy. And they were happy, Nessa, Duncan, and Clive, because they were working in conjunction with one another and harmoniously.'

Make the most of this rare opportunity to experience Charleston in the company of one of its own. After a leisurely lunch with Henrietta you will see the house and the restoration work that your gift has helped make happen. Thank you.

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