Interview with the Rocket Artists


What do you do?

Our mission is to make and exhibit high quality art and performances together. We also offer inclusive artist studios and art classes at Phoenix Brighton. The arts need diversity. If we don't give a platform to the creative expressions of different life experiences we are all in danger of missing out – becoming culturally impoverished. Collaborative arts practice is a meaningful way of being together.

What media and materials do you work with?

We work in many media and materials within visual and performance arts from painting to the digital arts.

Is this your first collaboration with the Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft?

Yes. We are very excited to be involved and looking forward to visiting the museum as a group and being inspired to explore collaborative printmaking.

What type of artwork are you hoping to produce for the Big Steam Print?

Hopefully a large, collaborative collograph.

Are there any themes important to this particular piece?

We will see what themes emerge from our museum visit and one-to-one collaborations between learning-disabled Rocket Artists and university art students. Our starting point will be 'making connections, getting to know each other' and we'll see where that takes us.

What other kinds of printing or art are you hoping to see produced at the Big Steam Print?

We think there will be some amazing linocuts and perhaps some beautiful embossing.

What is next for Rocket Artists?

For us the Big Steam Print project covers a series of five workshops with University of Brighton art students. After that some of the Rocket Artists will be focused on our international film project with partners in Amsterdam and Cork called Channel 3. We will be screening and talking about our films in Brighton in November 2016.

Other group members will continue to work on their own practice in the Rocket Artist studios and working towards exhibiting artwork at the Phoenix Open Studio event in May. And of course we will be looking forward to the Big Steam Print exhibition at the Phoenix Arts Centre in August.

Anyone interested in coming to the events or joining the Rocket Artists studios can contact Jo or see our website.

Help take the steamroller on a printing tour by supporting the Big Steam Print project on Art Happens.

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