A rare chance to see Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft's print archive


Donate £200 to the Big Steam Print and you will receive not one, but three rewards. You and a friend will have the opportunity to explore the museum's print archive with our director or curator. You will then be treated to a delicious locally made high tea with award-winning sparkling wine made in Ditchling. Plus you will also receive a stunning limited-edition letterpress press print by Thomas Mayo.

Much of the work in our archive was made by St Dominic's Press, which was co-founded in Ditchling in the early 20th century by printer, writer and poet Hilary Pepler, and other members of Ditchling's community of craftspeople. Letterpress artist Thomas Mayo completed his training at the Whittington Press, which is where the limited-edition, hand-printed St Dominic's Press: a Bibliography, a book about the press and its founders, was made. We have selected an interesting extract, written by Pepler's daughter, Susan Falkner:

'My father was never what you might call a "professional" man. He couldn’t be bothered with details which seemed unimportant to him. He liked things to "get a move on", and he liked to get a move on in his own life. So many things interested him that he wanted to be getting on with his next enthusiasm. I suppose this must have been evident in his work as a printer: so many errata and misprints he didn’t think mattered too much provided the finished work was good and pleasing. In this characteristic he was the complete opposite of his friend Eric Gill. Eric was meticulous not only in his work as an artist but in every aspect of his life.'

See some of the work created by St Dominic's Press in Ditchling:

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