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Vanley Burke is a renowned photographer concerned especially with black culture in Britain; he was born in Jamaica in 1951 and has lived in Birmingham since 1965. Alongside his numerous exhibitions, Burke is also an avid collector – his archive is vast and varied, including posters, books, clothes, records, ornaments and countless other items that provide a fascinating and invaluable insight into the UK’s African Caribbean communities. These objects serve as a portrait of religious and political beliefs, artistic activities, fashions, leisure pursuits, food, health issues and many other aspects of everyday life.

Ikon’s 2015 exhibition, At Home with Vanley Burke, is an ambitious undertaking, and will involve moving the entire contents of the artist’s flat in Nechells, north-east Birmingham, to the gallery. Burke’s home is extraordinary – a cabinet of wonderful curiosities; help us show this to the public.​

Were planning for the exhibition to run from 22 July to 27 September 2015.


Step into Vanley Burke's home

Take a sneek peak at the photographer's Birmingham flat and archive – which we want to move to the Ikon Gallery for a brilliant new exhibition... Read more

New exhibition by Vanley Burke at The Drum

Vanley Burke's latest exhibition – opening tonight as part of Black History Month... Read more

Choosing music

Vanley has been looking through his music collection, choosing tracks for his CD... Read more

Vanley Burke limited edition

We're delighted to announce details of Tigers Don't Cry, Vanley Burke's exclusive edition made for Art Happens... Read more

Amazing artwork for your dining table

Vanley has finalised the design for his placemats, and we have to say they look great... Read more

Interview: Vanley Burke

Vanley Burke tells us about the origins of his archive, how Birmingham shaped his work and his hopes for the Ikon Gallery exhibition... Read more

Plenty of time to donate

We've changed the deadline for donations to Monday 16 February, so there's still plenty of time to bag a reward for you and your loved ones... Read more

New reward! Limited-edition photographic print

Vanley has selected a brand-new reward. You can own one of his signature prints, a crowd shot from 1978, released in an edition of 50... Read more

Vanley's Caribbean recipes

Vanley has given us a sneak preview of one of the Caribbean recipes that will be included along with his placemat artworks... Read more

Come to Vanley's summer party

Celebrate your donation with a nice rum cocktail, traditional Caribbean food and a chat with the man himself at Ikon this summer... Read more

Thanks for donating!

We're thrilled to announce that our exhibition At Home with Vanley Burke is going ahead... Read more

For funders only

Only 6.5 weeks to go...

The planning of Vanley's exhibition at Ikon is in full swing... Read more

At Home with Vanley Burke opens tomorrow

We're making the final adjustments to the new exhibition with Burke and it's looking fantastic... Read more

For funders only

Press Highlights

As At Home with Vanley Burke continues to attract a huge amount of press attention, we pick some of the highlights... Read more

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