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To celebrate, let’s take a closer look at all 10 projects for Art Night 2016:

1. Artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis will debut a new work in the rooms of Two Temple Place, a highly ornate building designed by one of the foremost neo-Gothic architects of the late 19th century, John Loughborough Pearson. Bachzetsis humorously interweaves mainstream pop culture and social rituals with ballet and performance art.

2. Nina Beier will present Anti-Ageing, a cycle of performance sculptures that will be presented in a show model of a luxury flat, drawing attention to the relationship between life and the public constructions of its image.

3. Cecilia Bengolea will install a new video series made in collaboration with different dancers in the Covent Garden market space. Responding to the architecture of the site, the piece will see Jamaican dance-hall movement choreographed with Damion Wallace performed by classically trained dancers from the company she created with Francois Chaignaud.

4. Celia Hempton will work in the iconic brutalist building, 180 Strand, overlooking the Thames. Using the river as her inspiration, the artist will create a sculptural, theatre set-like environment, that combines abstracted landscapes and bodies.

5. Using smell and light Koo Jeong A will create a sensory environment that responds to the architecture of the disused Jubilee line platform in Charing Cross Underground station, considering it as a place of bodily encounters and movement.

6. Art Night will present the UK premiere of Reanimation by artist Joan Jonas and the jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran in Southwark Cathedral. The piece was inspired by the novel Under the Glacier (1968) by Icelandic writer Halldór Laxness.

7. Linder has devised a new work for the Duke of York Steps next to the ICA. Taking the form of a contemporary fairy tale, it was created with composer Maxwell Sterling, fashion designer Christopher Shannon, The Fourth Choir and various other musical collaborators and dancers.

8. Laure Prouvost’s work often begins with a story; she spins tales about the spaces she inhabits and the people she encounters, interweaving real and fictional characters and histories with her own autobiography. For Art Night, she has developed an installation in response to the architecture and history of Admiralty Arch which includes recent work and new ideas.

9. Jennifer West will present a new film in St Mary Le Strand that considers the history of cinema and explores the intersection of the personal and the universal. There will also be a participatory 'movie memory collection': the public is invited to write and draw their own memories onto 70mm filmstrips, which West will later digitize into an animated film.

10. Xu Zhen produced by MadeIn Company will present the first mass performance of their on-going project Physique of Consciousness at Somerset House, using hundreds of participants from across London. Described as the first 'cultural fitness exercise' ever made, it comprises movements derived from dance, gymnastics and other forms of physical activity, alongside spiritual and social rituals.

Thank you again for your support – and please help us to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign. With your help, we can make it happen.

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