Final preparations for the exhibition


Jake and Dinos have both been on site hanging the show. We can now announce that new works in the exhibition will include the exquisite and grotesque bronze sculpture, Sturm und Drang (which was craned into the courtyard on Monday!) and has never been seen before, as well as Los Caprichos ('the follies' or 'the whims'), a series of reworked etchings by the 18th-century Spanish artist Francisco Goya, and the darkly comic and perverse Human Rainbow series.

These new works will be accompanied by key pieces from the brothers’ careers, making this exhibition one of the most significant exhibitions of their work to date. Included will be Jake & Dinos Chapman’s huge Sum of all Evil installation, featuring thousands of models in a surreal and horrific landscape. The piece has been specially reworked for this exhibition. Also exhibited will be doctored Victorian portraits from their series One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved, and mannequins with a local flavour.

The exhibition will feature a special gallery for children and will include a work with a very famous signature... look out for it.

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