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Art Happens is a unique crowdfunding platform, designed specifically for museums and galleries, that puts you at the heart of every campaign. Choose a cause that inspires you, and your donation will earn you an exclusive reward. Your support can help bring exciting projects to life and, unlike any other platform, we send every single penny directly to the museum or gallery. Together, we can make art happen.

Success stories, thanks to you

Discover a new legacy of crowdfunded art. Donors like you have helped raise almost £500,000 to fund an important range of projects that have revealed the hidden stories of ‘fallen women’, sent a vintage steamroller on tour and restored an old wooden frame to its former golden glory.

Bring Toulouse-Lautrec's thrilling Bohemian Paris to life in Bath

by Victoria Art Gallery, Somerset

Help bring the sounds, sights and delights of his Parisian world to modern day Bath with immersive events and activities.

100% funded

100% funded

Help us stage the world's first exhibition to explore William Morris and the Bauhaus

by William Morris Gallery, Greater London

William Morris and the Bauhaus artists shared a radical vision. Your support can bring it to life – here in Morris's home, in this centenary year of the…

104% funded

104% funded

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