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Would you like to get young people speaking about art and architecture and get paid experience assisting with workshops in UK museums and galleries?

About ARTiculation

ARTiculation is a national public speaking initiative for young people, championing the discussion and appreciation of art and visual culture. They run the annual Articulation Prize for students aged between 16 and 19 who are invited to each deliver a ten-minute presentation to an audience about a work of art, architecture or an artefact.

As part of their programme ARTiculation also run Discovery Days open to Key Stage 4 and 5 students. Designed to develop and support students’ understanding and engagement with art, these workshops stimulate observation, research, critical analysis, language, presentation and public speaking skills.

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Apply to work as a paid ARTiculation Ambassador

ARTiculation is currently looking for student Ambassadors to provide support to the ARTiculation initiative by assisting in the delivery of ARTiculation Discovery Day workshops, amongst other key tasks. This is an exciting opportunity for undergraduates to gain paid work in UK museums, galleries and archives.

Ambassadors responsibilities will include:

  • Discovery Day preparation: collating research on up to three artworks or artefacts selected by the local museum or gallery;
  • Co-deliver the Discovery Days organised by the host museum or gallery which will involve: supporting the participants with analysing artworks, generating questions, guiding research, facilitating group discussion, public speaking exercises and providing constructive and positive feedback;
  • Support the students’ presentations given at the end of the Discovery Day workshop.

Ambassadors will also be required to:

  • Co-deliver short informal drop-in Support Sessions (normally 1-2 hours) organised by the host museum or gallery which may include: facilitating group discussions, giving feedback to participants on their presentations, and encouraging participants to take part in the ARTiculation at their local museum or gallery.
  • Attend local ARTiculation Prize Internal School Heats and provide support to the adjudication process;
  • Liaise regularly with their local museum or gallery and the ARTiculation Team to give feedback on activities in the area;
  • Attend two meetings per year (one regional, one national) to share best practice and evaluate the ARTiculation programme;
  • Be an on-going Ambassador for the ARTiculation initiative.

Dates needed

ARTiculation Ambassadors are required to work 24 hours over two terms (September to March). This will include:

  • 8 hours collating research on up to three artworks or artefacts selected by the local museum or gallery: hours to be arranged with host museum or gallery and can be spread over several days
  • 6 hours co-delivering a Discovery Day
  • 2 hours delivering a Support Session
  • 8 hours over two days to attend meetings

Additional optional activities include:

  • Attend local ARTiculation Prize events (approx 2 hours)
  • Deliver in-school ARTiculation workshops (approx 2 hours & 4 hours preparation)
  • Contributions to the ARTiculation blog (approx. 4 hours)

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ARTiculation Training Days

If selected, ARTiculation Ambassadors will be required to attend one of the Ambassadors Training Sessions listed below. The session will be held in a local museum or gallery to develop skills in facilitating workshops for students aged 16-19. You will also be required to attend one of the Discovery Days listed below.

  • Nottingham: Nottingham Contemporary on Monday 4 November, 10am – 4pm
  • Stirling: Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling on Tuesday 5 November, 10am – 4pm
  • Glasgow: Glasgow School of Art, a day during the week beginning Monday 4 November
  • Lincoln: The Collection, Lincoln on Friday 8 November, 10am – 4pm
  • Aberystwyth: Aberystwyth University (TBC)
  • Cardiff: National Museum Cardiff (TBC)

ARTiculation Discovery Days

  • Lincoln: The Collection, Lincoln on Monday 18 November, 10am – 3pm
  • Nottingham: Nottingham Contemporary on Tuesday 19 November, 10am – 3pm (TBC)
  • Cardiff: National Museum Cardiff on Tuesday 26 November 10am – 3pm (TBC)
  • Aberystwyth: Aberystwyth University on Wednesday 27 November 10am – 3pm (TBC)
  • Stirling: Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling on Monday 2 December 10am – 3pm
  • Glasgow: Glasgow School of Art on Tuesday 3 December 10am – 3pm (TBC)

Conditions of placement

  • You will need to be available for the key dates identified
  • You will be paid £9.00 per hour (UK Living Wage) and travel expenses where applicable. The initial training session is unpaid but travel expenses will be reimbursed up to £25.
  • You will need to attend a training day at your local museum or gallery as listed above
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