12 reasons to get a Teacher Art Pass

Teacher Art Pass Photoshoot 2023

Recharge your mind and get some inspiration with a Teacher Art Pass — there's never been a better time to get one.

Do you love discovering incredible art and culture? If so, a Teacher Art Pass is the perfect gift to give yourself.

Beyond the amazing savings that the Pass offers – including 50% off major exhibitions, free entry at over 250 venues, plus exclusive discounts at museum shops and cafés – there are many other ways that becoming a Pass holder could enrich your life, from improving your wellbeing to getting inspiration for your teaching.

Keep reading to discover 12 reasons why you should get a Teacher Art Pass.

Art Quarterly Spring 2024 Edition, Art Map and National Art Pass.
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1) To make great savings at a subsidised price

A Teacher Art Pass will get you free entry at over 250 venues and 50% off major
exhibitions, plus exclusive offers at museum shops and cafés. You'll also get all of the incredible benefits of a National Art Pass at a highly subsidised price — keep reading to discover more.

2) To enhance your wellbeing

There are many different ways that the arts can improve your mental health, by sparking your creativity and imagination, or by teaching you more about the world around you. Museums and galleries also offer quiet and meditative spaces, where you can contemplate the artworks and objects on display or discuss what you find interesting with friends or family

3) To receive our bespoke newsletter, the Teacher Bulletin

Never miss an edition of the Teacher Bulletin, our bespoke, termly newsletter that is jam-packed with content for teachers, including relevant news, useful resources, CPD opportunities, exclusive prize draws, thought pieces, and much more.

4) To never miss out on the biggest exhibitions across the UK

Teacher Art Pass members receive our exclusive members-only version of our newsletter, Art In Your Inbox, giving you the best tips and inspiration for how to use your pass, carefully selected by our editorial team.

Leighton House, Museum of the Year finalist, 2023
© Janie Airey - Art Fund 2023

5) To discover more incredible venues across the UK

With over 900 venues in the Teacher Art Pass network, you will be spoiled for choice with places to visit. Within our roster of museums, galleries and historic places, not only can you find the biggest cultural institutions across the UK — including Tate Modern, The MAC, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the National Galleries of Scotland — but you can also find former artists' studios, palaces, castles, libraries, living history museums, and much more.

6) To help us connect more museums and schools

In joining our teacher community, you're helping us to build further insights into how we grow our support for connecting teachers and schools with museums, both now and in the future.

7) To find new places to explore with friends and family

Why not switch-up the places you choose to meet friends and family. Experiencing art together is fun and offers new ways for us to communicate and be open with one another. You can add Plus One and Plus Kids to your membership so you can discover more together.

8) To get teaching inspiration

Museums and art galleries can be incredible places to learn new things and can offer so much inspiration for your teaching. Beyond sparking creativity, in museums you can find the latest innovations in science and technology or new perspectives for looking at history. And did you know that lots of them also offer incredible resources for supporting teachers to inspire learning across the curriculum?

The MAC, Museum of the Year finalist, 2023
© Janie Airey - Art Fund 2023

9) To receive exclusive members' magazine, Art Quarterly

Teacher Art Pass members exclusively receive Art Quarterly magazine every (you guessed it!) quarter. Its pages are filled with fascinating in-depth articles, artist interviews, exhibition recommendations and round-ups of all the incredible cultural opportunities to see art that our members have made possible. Alongside the magazine, members will also receive a comprehensive guidebook listing every venue in our network and a dedicated newsletter, packed with tailored suggestions of how to use your Teacher Art Pass.

10) To be a part of a community

By having a Teacher Art Pass, you will be part of a wider community of 135,000 Art Fund members, who share a passion for art and culture.

11) To learn from the past and discover hidden histories

Museums can be a great space to learn more about things we weren't taught in school. They are doing increasingly more work to explore stories and cultures that have been historically hidden and to explore complex issues that can sometimes be challenging to think about. They are also doing more work to improve accessibility to create spaces which are welcoming and accessible to everyone.

12) To spark your creativity

Whether seeing a work of art makes you want to pick up a paintbrush, snap a quick pic, or call up your friends to offer them your cutting cultural critique, engaging with art and ideas can spark your inner creative in so many ways.

Teacher Art Pass Photoshoot 2023
© Holly Pickering / Art Fund 2023
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The more you see, the more we do.

The National Art Pass lets you enjoy free entry to hundreds of museums, galleries and historic places across the UK, while raising money to support them.

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