Is it possible to see all of London's art in one day?

One man, one camera, one day – we challenged the filmmaker Alex Gorosh to see as much art in London as possible. Find out how he got on.

Watch as Alex attempts to 'power walk' through the city's biggest museums and galleries. He covers an impressive 22 miles in one day and sees around 140,000 works of art. Can you name any? Tweet us your answers using #ArtWalker.

His experiment took him to 13 different venues, however he failed to visit a further 79 museums and galleries that London has to offer, all of which, we imagine, don't allow running. With more than 20 million works of art housed in in the capital, we estimate that it would take him another 142 days to complete his task, that is over 20 weeks, without a day off!

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If you fancy doing your own art 'power walk', you can also find lists of great things to do in other places across the UK, so why not plot a route in your local area, or even head out further afield. Power walking optional.

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The more you see, the more we do.

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