Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2023

The Photographers' Gallery, London
3 March - 11 June 2023

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize returns to The Photographers' Gallery.

The 2023 Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize exhibition brings together work by the four international shortlisted artists, Bieke Depoorter, Samuel Fosso, Arthur Jafa and Frida Orupabo.

The shortlisted artists and their nominated projects are:

Bieke Depoorter blurs the traditional relationship between photographer and subject in her nominated exhibition, A Chance Encounter.

Arthur Jafa is an artist and filmmaker. Nominated for the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of his work to date, Live Evil, Jafa creates visceral, dynamic films and room-sized installations.

Nominated for her exhibition I have seen a million pictures of my face and still I have no idea, Frida Orupabo reimagines the historical Black female body through her extraordinary multilayered collages and Instagram posts.

Samuel Fosso draws upon the West African tradition of studio portraiture, he repurposes this genre through self-portraiture by creating startling new identities, based on social archetypes as well as real historical figures.

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