Watercolour restoration of The Ladies in Blue fresco from the Palace of Minos at Knossos.

Labyrinth: Knossos, Myth & Reality

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
10 February - 30 July 2023

Uncover the myth of Knossos, where legend says a labyrinth was built to contain a ferocious minotaur.

Discover the history and mysteries that surround this famous palace on the Greek island of Crete in the first ever exhibition to focus on Knossos. Discovered and excavated over 100 years ago, Knossos was home to the Bronze age civilisation of people now known as the Minoans, named after King Minos.

Over 100 objects will be on display here, many of which have never left Crete and Greece before. There is a particular focus on the archive of archaeologist Arthur Evans, who led excavations at Knossos in the early-20th century and was later responsible for partially restoring the palace. This archive held by the Ashmolean has been central to wider understanding of Knossos. Featured items on display include Evans’ excavations plans, works of art and detailed records, alongside objects from the site of Knossos itself.

Why you should go

  • Uncover a unique Cretan myth

  • See objects and art never seen before in the UK

  • Encounter a minotaur, ancient civilisations, mythical stories and more!

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