Nagihan Seymour: The Golden Ratio

The Lightbox, Woking
14 January - 2 April 2023

Extraordinarily detailed designs are the focus of this solo exhibition of work by British Turkish artist Nagihan Seymour, a virtuoso in the art of Tezhip.

The Lightbox plays host to an exhibition that highlights the use of the 'Golden Ratio' in the work of Nagihan Seymour. This mathematical principle occurs throughout the natural world, and has been adopted by artists and architects from Le Corbusier to Salvador Dalí to achieve balanced, visually pleasing compositions. Here, Seymour uses the principle in works of art inspired by nature and detailed in her signature style. 

Originally a materials engineer, Seymour studied traditional arts while living in Istanbul and went on to become a specialist in the decorative art of illumination, Tezhip. Combining classic designs with gold ornamentation, Seymour lends her work a modern inflection, using acrylic, gouache and watercolour on handmade and treated paper. 

Established as a full-time artist following her first solo presentation at The Lightbox in 2017, she now creates paintings and ceramics from a studio in Surrey. This exhibition reveals the skill involved in simplifying nature’s infinite complexity into effective designs. 

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