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Why You Want To Be Part of our Campaign

27 Jun 2022

Curwen Print Study Centre Studio and Gallery
Every Donation Counts

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us to date. We have 9 days to go and still a long way to go to achieve our target. Please keep supporting us to get us to the finish line. If you can share our campaign with all your contacts we would be truly grateful.

Please share with everyone you know!

Enjoy Stanley Jones Anecdotes

Stanley Jones Master Printmaker has worked with many of the great artists of the 20th Century. He worked with Henry Moore for over 30 years and recently has been at Henry Moore Foundation renovating the original printing plates they worked on together. He has been recording some of his memories and there is a lovely audio recounting Barbara Hepworth's displeasure at her printmaking with Stanley being disturbed by Concord!

Your support will ensure all these memories are kept for all in our archive

Pop Icons in Archive

With Glastonbury headlined by Paul McCartney, it draws us to our archive where we have a contone print (continuous tone as developed by Stanley) of a photograph taken of Paul performing by his brother Michael McCartney. In addition, we have a print of Brian May of Queen who performed at Buckingham Palace for Platinum Jubilee. This was created by sculptor John Mills who also did a sculpture of Brian with his guitar after his first performance at the palace in 2002.

If you are a music lover and an art lover these are great reasons to support our campaign. There is a unique opportunity to visit John Mills in his home, studio and garden and see 'Brian May' for yourself in our rewards.

Visit our rewards now and please donate!

Be Like Bailey and Support Curwen

It was 'Bring Your Dog To Work Day' last week. Bailey the Director's dog comes to Curwen every week. Bailey enjoys meeting all the artists on courses and loves being in the Suffolk countryside especially at lunchtime when she gets a walk.

Bailey loves lying in the Gallery alongside the sculpture of William Blake and printing stones featuring Paula Rego, Henry Moore, Cery Richards, Prunella Clough and Man Ray.

All these things are part of our archive which needs urgently cataloguing and will be done if we reach our target for this campaign.

Your support really will make difference!

How our move brought Henry Moore and Frink to our archive

We moved to Great Thurlow in Suffolk in March this year and gained a gallery space to display our archive for the first time for all to access.

The print editioning business Curwen moved in 2014, and gave us a number of lithographic stones including some stored outside. These were covered in brambles and ivy having been there since 1989. These stones were huge and not even moveable by removals lorry due to the weight.

When we came to move Lorraine Chitson decided to check out these stones and was able to see that they had images on them. These images included Henry Moore, Elizabeth Frink and Ceri Richards.

On Good Friday, these huge stones were dug out from the undergrowth where they had been since 1989 and transported rather unceremoniously in an empty skip lorry to Great Thurlow. They are in remarkable condition and need preserving as part of our archive.

Can you help us by donating to our campaign?

Every single donation puts us closer to 'Bringing Our Archive to Life'. Donate now and thank you for your ongoing support!

Paul McCartney Performing Live
Paul McCartney Performing Live
Bailey Admiring Paula Rego Stones from our archive
Bailey Admiring Paula Rego Stones from our archive
Lithographic Stones saved for our archive: L:R Ceri Richards, Henry Moore and Elizabeth Frink
Lithographic Stones saved for our archive: L:R Ceri Richards, Henry Moore and Elizabeth Frink
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