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Curwen Archive Project: An update on our progress and the latest archive exhibition

19 Feb 2024

Two Prunella Clough lithograph proofs currently on view at the Print Study Centre
Archive document boxes
Archive document boxes

Thanks to your support, the archive project is moving forward at the Curwen Print Study Centre at a good pace. While we are still working on cataloguing over 700 lithographs, all documents have now been sorted and moved into specialist archival boxes. We now begin the task of assigning every item a number and organising the material digitally ready to make it available as an online resource. We have a small team of dedicated volunteers working with our archive curator on cataloguing the work.

The latest exhibition at the Print Study Centre showcases some highlight pieces from the archive. Evoking the cool tones of midwinter, this exhibition explores different types of mark making from delicate abstract etchings to eerie figurative landscapes from a range of artists who made original prints at the Curwen Studio. Many of these artworks have not been exhibited before and form an eclectic exhibition which reflects the openness of the studio to many artistic sensibilities.

Artists include Henry Moore, Prunella Clough, Kim Lim, Serena Smith, Edward Bawden, Julian Trevelyan, Kyffin Williams and Stanley Jones.

The exhibition is free to all and visitors can browse the archive display drawers to further explore this varied archive of original prints dating from 1958 to the present day.

The exhibition & gallery are open Monday to Friday 10 - 4 free of charge.

Remembering Stanley Jones at Curwen Print Study Centre
Remembering Stanley Jones at Curwen Print Study Centre

Remembering Stanley Jones at Curwen Print Study Centre

It is a year ago this month that we lost Stanley. It still feels hard not being in contact with him each week. However, the team here at Curwen all believe in his aims and we continue to work on all that he deemed important in keeping Fine Art printmaking skills alive and available for artists of all abilities. Stanley would be proud of the depth of courses now available and the large number of visiting Masterclass Tutors now coming to teach at Curwen - many of whom knew and worked with Stanley. Our open-access studio has a regular number of members but, has room for more to join.

It is never easy financially as a charity and we continue to fundraise to fill gaps so we can continue to make the archive available to all and develop the online catalogue so it can be viewed worldwide. If you are able to support us in this ongoing work we would be most grateful.

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