The Colour Palace: the story behind a unique community space

Dulwich Picture Gallery want to build a palace for the people this summer. We take a closer look at its striking design, and how you can help bring it to life.

Bright, bold and colourful, the Colour Palace was the winning design for the Dulwich Pavilion 2019, a competition run in partnership between Dulwich Picture Gallery and the London Festival of Architecture. The winner was voted for by the public and a panel of industry judges, with the goal of bringing the design to life in the summer of 2019.

Now, Dulwich Picture Gallery are running an Art Happens crowdfunding campaign to raise the remaining funds to build the Colour Palace. If successful, the palace will be erected in the gallery’s garden grounds, free and open to all to enjoy.

With such a striking appearance, let's take a closer look at the pavilion's design and the creators behind it.

The creators of the Colour Palace

The Colour Palace was designed in collaboration between architectural duo Pricegore and designer Yinka Ilori.

The three met when Ilori moved into a North London studio designed by Pricegore, and their collaborative relationship developed to create the Colour Palace.

The recent winner of ELLE Decoration’s New Designer of the Year award, Yinka Ilori has established himself through the medium of upscaling – the process of taking old furniture and repurposing it to create something new.

His vibrant and multicoloured style is inspired by the Nigerian fabrics he was surrounded by as a child.

Yinka Ilori's design

Ilori views colour as a 'powerful tool to change someone’s mood and bring people together', and his work on the Colour Palace embodies this idea.

His dazzling and vibrant design uses bold and contrasting colours to create a striking structure that acts as a beacon for the local community to meet, relax and create together. Its fusion of African and European designs embraces multiculturalism and endeavours to create a feelgood environment for everyone to enjoy.

Another feat of the Colour Palace is its architectural ingenuity, pioneered by Pricegore. The pavilion will appear to change colour depending on where it is viewed from.

Through a series of painted timbre louvres – slats that are angled to admit light and air, but keep out rain and direct sunshine – different sections of the pavilion’s pattern will be revealed, creating a shimmering and kaleidoscopic effect when visitors move around and inside it. Click the image below to see!

Click image above for motion graphic

'The important questions at the beginning for us were to get people to engage, to use their imagination to read the pavilion and bring their own interpretations to it,' says Alex Gore, one half of Pricegore. The architects' design encourages all groups of people to come together and unite in finding different perspectives.

How you can help

Dulwich Picture Gallery need to raise the final £20,000 in order to build the Colour Palace. If you'd like to help bring the Colour Palace to life, you can donate to the project through our crowdfunding platform, Art Happens.

Every penny raised will help Dulwich to reach their target – and you can choose from a range of rewards with your donation, from exclusive tote bags to a signed Yinka Ilori print and even a private view of the pavilion with Yinka and Pricegore themselves.

Find out more about the project – and help make art happen.


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